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Life on the Farm

March 25th, 2013 by demitasse
Elliot adds compost to the garden beds.

Elliot adds compost to the garden beds.

Out in the country, where the traffic melts away and trees outnumber  cars, a magical place called Sleeping Dog Farm weaves its spell. The farm   basks in the sun of a south facing hill, resplendent  with  fruit trees, berry canes and raised garden beds plump with strawberry plants.

This farm is the source of the organic produce and many of the herbs we use at Demitasse.  It’s a busy time at Sleeping Dog, as green cover crops of vetch are turned under, compost is worked into the soil and the potting shed  filled with seedlings.

The rich, loamy soil on this farm brings forth produce with a sweetness that tastes like sun ripened candy. Except, it’s good for you.  Sue, our head gardener and her helpers are harvesting  winter ‘s bounty – kale, Swiss chard, arugula, mizuna and other mixed greens.


All these good things are available for sale at the store, just peek into the fridge to see what’s on offer.

The tomato seeds have sprouted and garlic is well on its way. Peas, beans and leeks are next. Packets of heritage seeds from Carolyn Herriot are spread out in the potting shed. We share the farm with other residents, including a cackling crew of hens and several strutting roosters. And a very friendly horse,who contributes to the manure supply for the compost. We’ll be visiting the farm from time to time, to let you know how things are doing.  Stay

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