- Garden Design Services
Combining skill and passion to produce excellence.

From a simple, one-time consultation to a full garden makeover, Demitasse offers a range of design and installation services tailored to fit your needs.

Our team of landscape professionals has the expertise and training to create many garden styles — from French formal and classic English traditional to the sculpted lines of contemporary design. Our attention to detail, balance and harmony results in gardens that are timeless, elegant and original.

With a solid network of local landscape professionals, including masons, carpenters and machine operators, our  designs efficiently move from concept to finished product.

If it has to do with gardens and plants, Demitasse is your partner at every stage. Services offered include:

  • Hand-rendered, scaled concept plans of new gardens and proposed changes to existing gardens
  • Garden succession planning
  • Container design and installation
  • Edible gardens and integrating edible material into ornamental landscapes and gardens
  • Landscape lighting plans and implementation
  • Plant placement advice and consulting
  • High efficiency irrigation designs, plans and implementation
  • Rainwater harvesting plans and consulting
  • Hard landscape design and implementation
  • Water features and passive rainwater harvesting

Please feel free to send us an email or drop by to discuss your project requirements and details!